School Bus Tiny Home For Sale

Sunday, August 13, 2017, 2-4p, Landenberg, PA RSVP required

Our lovingly-converted school bus is now available for the right buyer, for $9000 or best offer (reduced from $16,000). We designed it with an open layout to make it seem larger, but with ability to section off for privacy and heating efficiency. As required by law, we removed the school bus designations, but kept the original yellow as urban camouflage.

It is currently parked in Landenberg, PA outside of Philadelphia. Contact [email protected] to schedule showing.

• Has been kept in top working condition for whole life – runs great
• Comes with over a decade of service records
• 1999 Thomas International T444 diesel engine
• 160,000 miles (these engines known for going over 600,000)
• Air Brakes (no hydraulic fluid to worry about)
• Full-size (72 passenger): 38’ exterior length, 32’ interior, 7’8” width
• Floor-to-ceiling height (after insulated hardwood floor install) at tallest point (center aisle): approx. 5’9″
• 17,000 pounds
• Motorhome title (no commercial license necessary)
• Features factory insulation in lower walls and ceiling
• Emergency exits: back door, 3 windows, and centrally-located roof hatch

tiny house compost toilet school bus philadelphia luna bus

• Reinforced undercarriage structure
• Removed all bus seats and sealed bolt holes
• Removed rubber flooring and subflooring
• Repaired any surface rust damage and sealed with Bondo, Rustoleum, exterior grade latex
• Laid insulated subfloor of 2x2s, rigid foam insulation board, and plywood/ OSB.
• Rear wheel hubs were insulated and clad in reclaimed doors and white oak.

lunabus tiny home house philadelphia school bus conversion skoolie


Solid hardwood floor throughout entire interior (excluding fire-resistant cement board hearth). Reclaimed, 3/4” tongue & groove mixed species end lots from family-owned mill: white oak, red oak, cherry, maple, and butternut. NOTE: hardwood flooring in suggested seating area has some water damage. We can provide replacement boards.

Electrical system (shore power or solar panel ready): Professionally installed Magnum Energy MS 2012. Generates pure sine wave AC, which means you can run any electronics off the AC grid. Robust battery bank already installed. Just one easy step away from solar independence – just plug in solar panels and you’re off-grid. Three circuits, light fixtures in entry & garage.

Woodstove: centrally located for best heating efficiency. More efficient (less wood chopping, hauling, and loading) than older cast iron models. Sizable cooking surface. Stovepipe (currently disconnected for ease of transport) exits through window opening. Counter height, corrugated galvanized steel heat guard includes bottom air gap for safety. Fire-resistant hearth is level with hardwood, maximizing use of space, and is cement board construction with natural clay paint coating.

Bathroom: Bucket system compost toilet (Loveable Loo style). As long as done correctly, this system, like flush toilets, only produces odors when in use. Vintage dresser-turned-vanity holds low tech sink. A tank holds freshwater, and foot pump brings it up to the sink. The greywater can exit to another tank, or be diverted outdoors to water gardens. We hung curtains to provide privacy when needed, and positioned the space near the front to buffer cold drafts during the winter. The whole bathroom, consisting of a couple of components, could be easily repositioned, if desired.

Bedroom: The full-size bed sits atop 2 dressers and large item storage, and is positioned away from exterior walls to minimize winter drafts. Hanging clothes in the flanking closet space further insulate from temperature extremes.

Workspace: One wheel hub became a desk with a file cabinet, lots of storage, and even a hidden outlet, so cords can stay out of sight.

Garage: Accessed from the rear emergency exit is a space we used for tool storage.


Photo feature in Rodale’s Organic Life magazine:
In-progress conversion photos at


Printable, hi-res spec sheet


Sunday, August 13, 2017, 2-4p, Landenberg, PA RSVP required





  1. My husband and I are interested in your unique and green schoolie. Might we be able to speak and ask a few questions? We are looking into taking this across the country for the next two years plus.

  2. Is she still for sale? How are the tires? Could it make a solid road trip to get it back home for us un southern Virginia?

  3. Hello! Is this home still available? I am currently living in Eureka Springs, AR and am interested in purchasing and moving the bus here.

  4. Love it! been looking for one! Live down south but taking a trip in late September/early Oct. if you still have it, I’m coming that way and want to look at it, if you still have it! I may just purchase and drive it home.

      1. I live in another state so I would’ve be unable to attend the open house, but I’m assuming this beautiful home sold? If not, please contact me! We could be seriously interested in buying!

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