Design Parties + Event Assistance

August florals and foliage, grown and foraged in Philadelphia by Lunaria Gardens
Design Parties + Event Assistance


Lunaria Gardens design parties offer a great opportunity to get the gang together to create! They can be a stand-alone, fun learning event, or in the case of DIY brides, design parties can relieve a lot of the stress from your wedding week timeline, while also providing a fun way to connect and share with friends and family before your big day.


– DIY design party, held a day or two before your wedding or event
– Bridal shower activity to practice wedding floral design
– Girls night/ birthday event
– Team building activity
– VIP gala/ festival/ conference activity


  • Bulk botanicals: $70 foliage, $100 florals, premium florals (priced separately)
  • Facilitation + supply rental, $200 flat rate: setup, stem prep, pruners, shears, floral tape, wire, wire cutters, cleanup, $40/ hr group design facilitation, minimum 2 hours, maximum 5 hours. 
  • Free phone consultation after deposit
  • Design instruction: $50/ hour, starting at 1/2 hour. Request the type of design skill you’d like to learn (i.e. boutonniere/ corsage, floral crown, bouquet, centerpiece, pot-et-fleur, ikebana, holiday wreath). Each skill type may take a 1/2 hour of instruction time.
  • Site, table, tent rental: varies depending on location and needs. If not hosting at your home, business, or event venue, we can suggest a convenient party location, and provide work tables or tents if necessary. The ideal design party location should be cool or air conditioned, have sink or hose access, and be easy to clean wet stems and foliage.
  • Vessel rental/ purchase: varies. If you don’t want to bring your own vessels for arrangements, you can request that we provide them.


  • Storage fee: $75/ day. If you do not have a cool, dark place, out of reach of pets or small children in which to store your designs before the event, we can provide storage at a daily rate.
  • Packing fees: $.50 per boutonniere, corsage, floral crown, or cocktail arrangement. $2.50 per bouquet or centerpiece. If the design work needs to be transported to the event venue, it needs to be packed in boxes and packing paper in order to keep everything hydrated, while avoiding smushed designs, broken vases, and spilled water. 
  • Loading: $1 per boutonniere, corsage, floral crown, or cocktail arrangement. $25 per bouquet or centerpiece. These fees cover loading time and vehicle rental.
  • Delivery: $1.50 per mile
  • Venue setup: $50 per designer per hour
  • Breakdown/ rental packing/ loading: $30 per hour, plus $1 per vase, $2 per plant rental ($100 minimum)