DIY Requirements

Early July florals and foliage, all grown or foraged by Lunaria Gardens.

DIY bulk botanical design is not for every person or every situation, especially during hectic wedding preparations. If you cannot meet all of these requirements, you may want to consider our design servicesdesign parties or event assistance. A common compromise is designing your own centerpieces/ tablescapes, or renting plants, while allowing Lunaria Gardens to handle bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, flower crowns.

  1. You feel comfortable working with and designing with flowers.
  2. You have scheduled time a day or two before your event to pick up and design flowers.
  3. Someone can pick up flowers and transport them to design space.
  4. You have design space that is cool/ air conditioned, has sink or hose access, and can handle wet foliage detritus.
  5. You have tools and supplies for floral design: pruners, shears, floral tape, wire, pins
  6. You have purchased or rented vessels which will suit the scale of your venue and tables, and will accommodate your design ideas, as well as additional vessels for keeping bouquets hydrated.
  7. You and at least 2 other people have scheduled 6-8 hours a day or two before the event, devoted to designing.
  8. If flowers need to be held before event, you have a cool, dark storage space, away from pets and young children.
  9. If flowers need to be transported to venue, you have materials and time for packing, loading, and transporting designs without smushing, spilling, or breaking.
  10. At the venue, the morning of the event, you have at least 2 people to set up arrangements, typically at the time the bride is getting ready.
  11. After the event, you have people who can help clean up, and can pack, load, and transport any vessel or plant rentals without damage.

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