DIY Bulk Botanicals

Bulk floral and foliage buckets for an October wedding, all grown in Philadelphia.


Our bulk botanicals may be right for you if you can meet certain logistic requirements. In the case of weddings or large events, you may want to consider our design services or design parties + event assistance.


Bulk botanical buckets include approximately 60-75 stems of at least 4 different coordinating varieties of flowers or foliage. We do our best to provide florals in a preferred color scheme, but we do not guarantee specific flowers. Please specify your intended use for our bulk botanicals, so we can provide the best selection based on your needs. For example, for tablescapes or flower crowns, we will try to include species that hold up better out of water. The months of June through September provide the best selection and availability of bulk botanicals.


Note that our standalone bucket purchases do not include design consultation. It is your responsibility to determine the number and types of bulk botanicals that your event requires. The amount of florals should match the scale of the event space, size and quantity of tables, and size and quantity of vessels.


Bulk florals bucket $100
Bulk foliage bucket $70
Premium focal flowers: priced separately


In the DIY floral buckets, we try to include a range of floral types, sizes, and texures, including sprays, spikes, disks, as well as some seasonal focal flowers, like flowering branches, fancy narcissus, poppies, small sunflowers, decorative dahlias, or spray chrysanthemums. These selections are typically sufficient for small arrangements or flower crowns.
A late April bulk floral bucket, including an additional 2 bunches of premium focal flowers.
For bouquets or large arrangements, we recommend enhancing your designs with some extra premium focal flowers. Note that due to the Philadelphia climate and difficulties of organic production, we do not provide orchids or roses.


General premium floral availability for the Philadelphia region:


Flowering branches: February – April
Fancy Narcissus: February – April
Anemones: February – May
Ranunculus: March – May
Icelandic Poppies: April – June
Peonies: May – June
Sunflowers: June – October
Lisianthus: July – October

Dahlias: July – October
Hydrangea: July – November
Heirloom Chrysanthemums: September – November
Amaryllis: December – February

Is DIY event design right for you? Our design services or design parties + event assistance can relieve some of the stress.