Fresh Eggs from Happy Chickens!

Our young chickens have started laying and the ducks aren’t far behind. Our happy hens are raised on fresh grass, bugs, food scraps, and organically-grown, local grains. Because they eat so well and get to scratch in the sunshine, their eggs are higher in beta carotene, omega-3s, and vitamins A, E, & D. They’re also lower in saturated fat and cholesterol.

Our current flock includes:

7 Rhode Island Red x White Plymouth Rocks
5 Ameraucanas (blue & green Easter egg)
5 Delawares (critically-endangered heritage breed, according to ALBC)
5 Welsh Harlequin ducks (critically-endangered heritage breed, according to ALBC)

Contact us about purchasing our amazing eggs at $4/ dozen.

Source: Mother Earth News 14-source Egg Chart

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