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We specializes in edibles, natives, & non-invasive ornamental perennials, especially appropriate for edible landscaping & food forests. We select species providing delicious & beautiful food, ecological services, or ability to thrive in difficult environments.


Chestnut Hill Farmers Market Philadelphia Lunaria Gardens

Chestnut Hill Farmers Market:
Saturdays, 9:30a-1:30p
7671 Germantown Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19118 (in front of Mermaid Inn)

Clark Park Farmers Market:
Saturdays, 10a-2p
4398 Chester Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19104. More info

Christ Church Farmers Market:
Wednesdays, 2-7p (starting May 18, 2016)
20 N American St, Philadelphia, PA 19106

Contact ahead if you’re looking for something in particular.

Nursery pickup:
Lunaria Gardens’ nursery is located in the Roxborough-Manayunk neighborhood of northwest Philadelphia. Please contact to make an appointment.

Contact to schedule delivery to the Philadelphia region. Pricing depends on location, schedule, & order size.


Current availability

Lunaria Gardens nursery availability (updated May 6, 2015)

– No GMOs, no pesticides
– typically, plugs are $1 each, 2.5″ pots are $3, quarts are $5, and larger perennials go up from there.

Frost-tolerant herbs and edibles
Variety perennial? sizes price notes
Artichoke, Purple of Romagna half hardy 2.5″ $3.00 Hopefully due to our cold-weather treatment, these will produce artichokes this year. If not, mulch heavily to protect over winter. A very ornamental plant with large, silvery foliage.
Arugula self seeds 2.5″ $3.00
Arugula, Sylvetta plug $1.00 Heirloom perennial arugula!
Beet, ‘Bull’s Blood’ plug $1.00 Usually used for edible greens, but root can also be used as normal. Very ornamental edible.
Broccoli, Purple Peacock 2.5″ $3.00 Will be more productive with consistent watering. Leaves can be eaten like related collard greens.
plug $1.00
Cabbage, ‘Red Express’ biennial 2.5″ $3.00 Besides great taste, this is a very ornamental edible.
Cabbage, ‘Copenhagen Market’ biennial 2.5″ $3.00
Catnip 4″ $5.00 Not just for cats. Use in teas or as a spice. Mint relative, but doesn’t spread aggressively. Purple flowers attract pollinators.
Chamomile 5″ $5.00
plug $1.00
Chives, common plug $1.00 Round, oniony foliage and pretty, edible, orchid-pink flowers in early summer.
Chives, garlic 4″ $5.00 Flattened, oniony foliage and clusters of shar-shaped, white flowers in autumn.
Cilantro self seeds plug $1.00
4″ $5.00
Collards biennial 2.5″ $3.00 Looking great!
Dill self seeds prolifically 2.5″ $3.00
Fennel, Bronze self seeds 4″, quarts $5.00 Very ornamental edible
2.5″ $3.00
Kale, Siberian biennial 2.5″ $3.00
Kale, Red Russian biennial 2.5″ $3.00 Very ornamental variety with purple hues that vary depending on soil pH.
Kohlrabi, Purple Vienna biennial 2.5″ $3.00
Lavender, Grosso 4″ $6.00
Lavender, Hidcote 4″ $6.00
Lavender, Munstead 4″ $6.00
Lavender, Provence 4″ $6.00
Lettuce, bibb self seeds plug $1.00
Mint 2.5″ $3.00
4″ $5.00
Mint, Apple field plug $1.50
Mint, Mojito field plug $1.50
Mizuna self seeds 2.5″ $3.00
4″ $5.00
Nettles ✓ spreads by runners 4″ $5.00
6″ $7.00
gallon $9.00
Orach, red self seeds plug $1.00 Closely related to spinach, but more heat tolerant and slower-to-flower, with attractive burgundy foliage.
Oregano, Golden 4″ $5.00 One of Kristen’s ornamental edible picks: sun or pt shade, perennial, drought tolerant, attracts pollinators, spreads to form attractive groundcover, but not aggressively. Good for containers.
Oregano, Hot and Spicy 4″ $5.00
Parsley, Triple Curled biennial plug $1.00
4″ $5.00
Poppy, breadseed annual plug $1.00 Beautiful purple blooms followed by ornamental pods. Let mature to harvest poppy seeds.
Rosemary half-hardy 4″ $5.00
Sage, Clary biennial plug $1.00
Sage, variegated Golden half-hardy 4″ $5.00 Very ornamental selection of common culinary sage, with golden-chartreuse leaf margins.
Sage, White half-hardy plug $1.00
Spinach self seeds 2.5″ $3.00
Strawberries, everbearing, ‘Temptation’ 4pks $8.00 Unlike junebearing varieties, everbearing strawberries produce some berries all season.
Thyme, lemon variegated half-hardy 4″ $5.00
Triticale (wheat x rye hybrid) annual 2.5″ $3.00



Frost-tender herbs and edibles All treated as annuals unless otherwise noted
Variety (bold = organic) sizes price Notes, interesting details
Basil, sweet Italian, ‘Aroma’ plug $1.00 Sweet Italian type, Fusarium wilt resistant
Basil, ‘Aromatto’ 4-pack $5.00 Very ornamental type, purple mottled foliage.
plug $1.00
Basil, sweet Italian, ‘Dolce Fresca’ 4″ $5.00 A sweet Italian type only reaching 10-20″, making it ideal for container culture.
Basil, Holy, Tulsi Kapoor plug $1.00
Basil, Thai Siam Queen plug $1.00
Bean, Blue Lake (pole) 2.5″ $3.00 7′ vining, large, tender, green pods with white beans.
Bean, Fortex (pole) 2.5″ $3.00
Bean, Hyacinth 2.5″ $3.00 10′ vining, very ornamental, with lilac purple flowers and burgundy purple pods. Usually treated as an ornamental, though the leaves can be eaten like spinach, the flowers eaten raw or steamed.
Bean, Scarlet Runner 2.5″ $3.00 10′ vining, New World native bean, with coral-blush flowers and beans used as snaps or dry shell beans.
Bean, Sunset Runner 2.5″ $3.00 6′ vining, New World native bean, with coral-blush flowers and beans used as snaps or dry shell beans.
Cucumber, Pic A Bushel 4″ $5.00 A semi-bush type (2-3′) yielding 10-20 cukes per plant. Disease resistant and good for container culture.
Lemongrass tender perennial – overwinter indoors 4″ $6.00 SOLD OUT, more available soon
Lemon Verbena 4″ $5.00 SOLD OUT, more available soon
Nasturtium, mixed colors 4″ $5.00
Okra 2.5″ $3.00
Okra, Burgundy 4″ $5.00 Ready late May
4-pack $6.00 read mid-May
Pepper, hot, Buena Mulata plug $1.00
Pepper, hot, Datil 2.5″ $3.00
Pepper, hot, Fish 2.5″ $3.00
Pepper, hot, Jalepeno 2.5″ $3.00
Pepper, hot, Thai quart $5.00
Pepper, roasting, Ancho/ Poblano 2.5″ $3.00
Pepper, mild, Biquinho 2.5″ $3.00 1000 Scoville units
Pepper, sweet, Gourmet Orange quart $5.00
Pepper, sweet, King of the North quart $5.00
Perilla (Shiso), Laciniata Purple plug $1.00
4-pack $5.00
Purslane, Golden self seeds plugs $1.00 A succulent, lemony salad green thriving in hot, dry conditions. Highest concentration of healthy omega-3 fats of any crop, and is rich in anti-oxidants as well
Stevia 4″ $5.00
Tomatillo, Verde 2.5″ $3.00 Deep green fruits, huge yields. Excellent for roasting, soups, or salsa verde.
4″ $4.00
Tomato, Amish Paste 2.5″ $3.00 Giant, blocky Roma-type, delicious red flesh, perfect for paste and canning. World class flavor. Amish heirloom.
Tomato, Big League quart $4.00
Tomato, Cherokee Purple Quart $5.00 A pre-1890 Cherokee Indian heirloom. Large, dusky purple-pink, beefsteak-type fruits with superb flavor.
Tomato, Genuwine quart $4.00
Tomato, German Lunchbox 2.5″ $3.00 A deep pink, sugar sweet tomato, the size of a small egg, perfect for snacking. Prolific fruits, German heirloom.
Tomato, Green Moldovan 2.5″ $3.00 Beefsteak type fruits with striped green and yellow skin, and neon green flesh. Tropical taste. Rare heirloom.
Tomato, Megabite Quart $5.00
Tomato, Principe Borghese 2.5″ $3.00 Italian heirloom famous for sun-drying and rich sauces. Plentiful clusters of red, grape-size fruits.
Tomato, Rambling Red Stripe field plug $1.00
quart $4.00
Tomato, Red Profusion field plug $1.00
quart $4.00
Tomato, Sungold quart $5.00
Tomato, Sweet n Neat Scarlet field plug $1.00
quart $4.00
Zucchini, Butta Quart $5.00 Hefty plants.
Zucchini, green 4″ $4.00


US Natives
Variety sizes price Notes, interesting details
Agastache (Anise hyssop) field plug $2.00 SOLD OUT, more available soon.
Agastache foeniculum (Anise hyssop), Golden Jubilee plug $1.00 Gold-foliaged cultivar. Anise-scented leaves are used as a seasoning, as a tea, in potpourri, and can be crumbled in salad. The purple flower spike is favored by bees who make a light fragrant honey from the nectar.
Aronia melanocarpa (black chokeberry) gallon $15.00 Ready in June. Dark purple fruits are an antioxidant-rich superfood.
Gaultheria procumbens (American wintergreen, Eastern teaberry) 6″ $8.00 Evergreen groundcover, preferring acidic soils. White flowers and red berries, persisting through winter. Can be used in tea. Sun-shade (will produce more berries in sun)
Godetia/ Farewell-to-Spring, coral self seeds plug $1.00 West coast native wildflower, very ornamental, crepe paper like coral-salmon blooms
Heuchera, Grape Soda 4″ $6.00 Evergreen perennial with striking purple foliage, and delicate sprays of pale pink flowers in summer.
6″ $9.00
Hops, Centennial ✓, spreads by runners quart $5.00 Vigorous vine producing cones used for bittering beer.
Lupin, Woodfield Hybrids 2.5″ $3.00 Hybrids of several west-coast species, bred for larger, showier, and bi-color bloom spikes in an array of colors. Host plant for several native butterfly species. Perennial nitrogen fixer. Full sun to part shade.
plugs $1.00
Milkweed, Asclepias incarnata, Cinderella plugs $1.00 White-flowered selection of swamp milkweed. Hosts 12 species of moths and butterflies, including monarchs.
2.5″ $3.00
Penstemon grandiflorus, Esprit Select plugs $1.00 Hosts 8 species of moth/ butterfly larvae, and showy flowers attract pollinators and hummingbirds.
Phlox subulata (moss phlox) 4″ $5.00 4-6″ evergreen groundcover, carpeted in lavender blooms in mid spring. Looks great tumbling over stone walls. Hosts 8 species of moth/ butterfly larvae, and flowers attract early pollinators.
Rudbeckia hirta, Cherokee Sunset self seeding biennial plug $1.00
Rudbeckia hirta, Gloriosa Double Daisy self seeding biennial plug $1.00
Rudbeckia hirta, Prairie Sun self seeding biennial plug $1.00



Ornamentals/ Medicinals/ Cut Flower Crops
Agrostemma, Milas Mixed plug $1.00
Bachelor’s Buttons, Boy Blue self seeds plug $1.00
2.5″ $3.00
Bupleurum rotundifolium, Garibaldi plug $1.00
Calendula, Pacific Beauty 2.5″ $3.00
Calendula, Triangle Flashback plug $1.00
Carnation, Chabaud Striped & Picotee Mix plug $1.00
Celosia, Celway Salmon self seeds plug $1.00
Celosia, Chief Persimmon self seeds plug $1.00
Celosia, Cramer’s Burgundy self seeds plug $1.00
Celosia, Cramer’s Rose self seeds plug $1.00
Celosia, Pampas Plume Mix self seeds plug $1.00
Celosia, Supercrest Mix self seeds plug $1.00
Cerinthe, Pride of Gibraltar 4-pack $5.00
plug $1.00
Cosmos, Double Click Mix plug $1.00
Cotton, Red Foliated 2.5″ $3.00 Grow your own cotton! Very ornamental, related to hibiscus and okra, with burgundy foliage.
4-pack $5.00 available mid-May
Craspedia globosa, Drumstick plug $1.00
Daucus carota (Queen Anne’s Lace), Dara biennial plug $1.00 A beautiful selection sporting purple/ mauve/ burgundy/ green umbels. Good insectary species.
Daylilies, orange and Stella d’Oro custom dug FREE I inherited too many. Please take some.
Delphinium cultorum, Giant Pacific Round Table Mix plug $1.00
Dianthus x barbatus, Dynasty Mix short-lived perennial plug $1.00
Dusty Miller, Candicans plug $1.00
Dusty Miller, New Look plug $1.00
Echinops ritro, Globe Thistle Blue plug $1.00
Forget-me-Not, Chinese annual self seeds plug $1.00
Geum chiloense, Lady Stratheden plug $1.00
Gomphrena, pastel mix self seeds plug $1.00 Not available yet
Gomphrena, sunset mix self seeds plug $1.00 Not available yet
Larkspur, Cannes Mix plug $1.00
Larkspur, Earl Grey plug $1.00
Patrinia scabiosifolia plug $1.00 5-7′, lemon yellow umbels
Poppy, Icelandic: yellow, pink, orange, scarlet short-lived perennial landscape plug $1.00 Thrives in poor soil in full sun to afternoon shade. Large, crepe-paper like blooms. The only poppy used as a cut flower. With proper post-harvest treatment, blooms last several days in vase.
Scabiosa atropurpurea, Black Knight half-hardy plug $1.00
Scabiosa atropurpurea, Blue Cockade half-hardy plug $1.00
Scabiosa atropurpurea, Fata Morgana half-hardy plug $1.00
Snapdragon, Sherbert Chantilly Blend plug $1.00
Statice, QIS Mix plug $1.00
Sunflower, Dafna 4-pack $5.00
Sunflower, Giant Sungold 4-pack $5.00
Sunflower, Lemon Queen 4-pack $5.00
Sunflower, Starburst Panache 4-pack $5.00
Strawflower 2.5″ $3.00
Sweet Pea, Cupid Pink 2.5″ $3.00
Sweet Pea, Mammoth Choice Mix 2.5″ $3.00
Sweet Pea, Spencer Mixed Stripes 2.5″ $3.00
Xeranthemum, Lumina Mix plug $1.00
Yarrow, ‘Cloth of Gold’ ✓, spreads by runners plug $1.00 Tea/ medicinal. Golden umbels atop gray-green foliage June-Sept. Thrives in dry, poor soil in full sun. Excellent fresh or dried flower.
Yarrow, Summer Berries ✓, spreads by runners plug $1.00 Tea/ medicinal. Rose, burgundy, lavender, salmon, and white umbels atop gray-green foliage June-Sept. Thrives in dry, poor soil in full sun. Excellent fresh or dried flower.
Zinnia, Benary’s Giant Dahlia Mix plug $1.00
Zinnia, Candy Mix plug $1.00
Zinnia, Cupcakes Mix plug $1.00
Zinnia, Queen Mix plug $1.00
Zinnia, Zinderella Lilac plug $1.00
Zinnia, Zinderella Peach plug $1.00

More offerings and updates in the current availability.

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