Organic Garden Workshop/ Work Party: 6/12/10

It’s our first workshop in Pennsylvania! And what better way to kick off the curriculum than with an organic garden work party! Come learn how to turn your lawn into an thriving, abundant, edible paradise!

Lee has designed a simple raised bed vegetable garden for a woman who was interested in growing her own food. We will be erecting an 8 foot deer fence, as well as a skirt extension to keep groundhogs out, assembling a raised bed, filling it with soil, and planting lots of veggies!

Come learn about organic gardening, lend a hand, eat some food (lunch will be provided at 1:00), bring an instrument, and have fun!

Please RSVP on the Facebook event or email if you’ll be joining us.

Saturday, June 12, 2010, 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

@ Dorothy’s House, 1751 East Saw Mill Road, Quakertown, PA map

UPDATE 6/23: Photos!

Before the workday, Lee dropped off the soil on site
The wood was cut to size to create a 3' x 15' box, secured with L-brackets.
We lined the bottom with uncoated cardboard to suppress any grass or weeds.
The box was filled with soil.
Our helpers arrived and began working on the fence while we raked the soil level.
To deter groundhogs, we made a skirt around the perimeter out of a 4' roll of 1"x4" welded wire.
Deer netting was installed overhead and around the perimeter.
We planted seeds and transplants and watered them in.
The final garden, ready to thwart critters and feed a family!


  1. Hey Lee & Kristin,

    Nicely done! My raised bed thrived this spring & I am hopeful for my summer crop. I like the cardboard lining. I have a wire mesh lining in my bed which is absolutely necessary here because a rampant gopher population. Easier to install before you find the problem!

    The photos are great. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks, Pam & Babe! Man, am I happy we don’t have gophers out here, we’ve just been battling with a fat old groundhog. What are you growing? I was just discussing how Californian growers might benefit from studying Italian techniques, as the climates are quite similar. Perennial crops like grapes, figs, citrus, artichokes, pomegranates, even, would probably do well where you are. I wonder if you could get some of that cow manure for your garden, too…

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