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Lunaria Gardens gift cards are perfect for your botanical buddies. They can be used for all products and services: cut flowers, plants, subscriptions, workshops, supplies, event design. Our printable gift card option is great for a last-minute special something.



Note that very few of our products are available for shipping, and our workshops are almost exclusively held in the Philadelphia region, so please make sure the recipient is local, or willing to travel.

Immediately after purchase, you will receive a confirmation email including a download link for the printable gift card, as well as a unique discount code.

Printing instructions:
1. For best presentation, a white or cream cardstock, and a color printer is recommended. You may want to test printing on scrap paper first.
2. Select print pages 1 of 2 in print dialogue, select Print.
3. Turn printed sheet around and insert into feeding tray, so that the next run prints on the reverse (specifics will vary depending on your printer).
4. Select print pages 2 of 2 in print dialogue. Select Print.
5. Cut out your gift certificate. Fill out the backside, including the unique code emailed with purchase.
6. Gift card is sized to fit in a standard A2 gift envelope.


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