Winter food: Indoor Lavender & Raw Milk Smoothies


I found some discarded English lavender plants at a nursery last spring, suffering from what seemed to be powdery mildew. I resolved to revive them, and bounce back they did, simply by spreading the pots out in a dry, sunny area, and not overwatering. As a last-minute idea before a housewarming party, I decided pot up a couple of plants and decorate with them indoors. After the party, I decided to keep them inside, wondering how they’d do.

Four months later, they’re looking great, with very little care. Lavender prefers very well-drained, sandy soil, and full sun. They can’t stand to have wet feet, especially during the cold of winter.  My plants live in east-facing windows, and are very good at telling me when they’re getting dry. Their growing tips droop down very obviously. I tend to wait a day after I notice, to be sure I’m not overwatering.

Harvest by giving it a trim as needed, and use as tea, flavoring, scent, or medicine. Dallas made a lavender-infused simple syrup for mixing with cocktails.

Our writer/ filmmaker/ raw milk enthusiast friend, Matthew Gasda, along with the wonderful Joyce Laine and Claire Kimock came over one afternoon to enjoy some smoothies made from Flint Hill Farm’s fresh goat milk. That delicious batch included lavender, honey, and mint. Here’s Matthew’s favorite recipe:

The Gasda Macrocosm Smoothie

  • raw goats milk or raw cow’s kefir
  • raw honey
  • homegrown mint or other herbs
  • seasonal or frozen fruit
  • raw cacao
  • two raw farm eggs

Directions: Blend, drink, go to heaven. Sally Fallon would be proud.


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